Establishing Healing Homes

May 1, 2008

Stewarding the Anointing of John Alexander Dowie is a research project that Pastor Bill Johnson commissioned in January 2008. Pastor Bill Johnson is building a Healing Home on the campus of Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. There are 2 major parts to the research project. The first section defines John Alexander Dowie’s anointing, his testimonies, and his theology. The second section describes the day to day operation of how the Healing Homes were run. The research report will help churches establish healing homes and walk in the fullness of John Alexander Dowie’s anointing. People came to the Healing Homes to get their healing, and people came to be trained in Divine Healing. The research report summarizes the theology of Dowie’s training program. At the Healing Homes Dowie produced people who got healed and stayed healed. He produced delivered deliverers and he trained delivered deliverers. The following document enables the churches to build Healing Homes and to apprehend John Alexander Dowie’s mantle of revelation and power. The report also contains recommendations for building a Healing Home at your church or in your community.

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