The Toss Revised – A New Offensive Attack for High-Scoring Football

July 29, 2009

For all new and experienced football coaches, here is an intriguing new offensive attack that produces high-scoring wins and has already broken records in California, Texas, and other states where it’s been implemented. Better still, this original ball control offense doesn’t require outstanding personnel at each position to work effectively and has a simple core of just four plays. And it’s blueprinted for you in it’s entirety by the author! Over 100 diagrams, and 30 photos, supplement the text throughout, providing an instant reference to specific plays, formation, and drills. In short, The Toss gives you all you need to use this tested and new offensive attack successfully, regardless of your particular setting or player talent. To Quote Coach Vallotton, The Magic of the Toss has worked every time. And it will work for you.

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