Stories From Brooklyn, With Love
Fiction / January 15, 2010

Tales Reminiscent of O. Henry & Daymon Ruyon. FAMILY CHRISTMAS ABOUT LOVE SCHOOL DAZE COMING OF AGE ITALIAN GODFATHERS A varity of short stories. The best thing about writing short stories is that is that I get to take you, the reader, on a wonderful, magical ride into outer space or the inner domain of the human heart. It is my wish that your wits enhance my written words with your own joys, and visions. And that is what I try to accomplish by sharing with you my simple tales – so you can better carry yourself forward in your own travels. Enjoy the thoughts from a Brooklyn boy, who wishes to bring some entertainment into your life, with all his love…

12 Day Trail Ride Through The Storm
Christian Non Fiction / January 15, 2010

Learn to cowboy up and ride through life with Jesus by your side, this ride does not train you into a mamby pamby tender foot; it trains you up to be giant killers and storm chasers. Recovering, break through, promotion. This book teaches how to ride through the storm and not camp there and how to look for love in the right place…You are not ready to die, until you are ready to live for God.