Third Day Sons 2nd Edition
Christian Non Fiction / January 16, 2010

Third Day Sons is a collection of prophetic messages for those aspiring to walk the ‘more perfect way’ pass the rudimentary basics of spirituality into Kngdom Principles. The revelations contained within this book are designed as a training tool for those preordained to ‘rule’ in the Kingdom Age. Third Day Sons alludes to the Third Day Resurrection into life and purpose. It is a collection of prophetic symbolism, metaphors and prophetic euphemisms designed to draw one into Sonship and Divine Union now! This book offers steps on how to achieve this.

The Walls We Build
Self Help / January 16, 2010

The Walls We Build deals with the most important topics of sex, divorce and marriage. This is a book written from personal experience of living a dysfunctional life because of rape and how these walls had a negative effect in sexual relationships and failed marriages.

Given With Love
Children's Books / January 16, 2010

A uniquely illustrated and written story about a little boy dreaming of his favorite cookies, meeting the cookie maker and realizing how special he really is in God’s eyes.