Never Forgotten

July 6, 2010

This book has been ten years in the making. I started it with a few thoughts on paper, and then I put it down for a few years. I finally felt God somehow saying, “Now is the Time.” This has not only been therapeutic to me but it has shown me how far I have come. I have been able to retrace some of my steps for certain victories that have made me who I am today. Things that are vital to a successful walk are also things that I had to learn along the way. This book was originally to be written about the struggles of losing a child and how you can overcome and live again. When going through a horrific situation like this, whether it is through the death of a child, a mother, father, grandparent or any tragedy that you may encounter, you can have peace in any situation. However, I could not tell the story well without telling a little about myself and the struggles I overcame to get to where I am today. So it turned into an autobiography, of sorts. We never know what the future will hold for us. We take it one day at a time; the good, the bad, a=the ugly and whatever is in store for us. We have to go on through our lives not knowing what the future holds for us but at the same time dealing with whatever things may come. This book is written for one of those devastating times when things happen that we never expected. It is about how we have to go on, deal with, and overcome any obstacles that come in our path.

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