World History in Verse
Children's Books / March 21, 2011

World History in Verse, Old Testament and Ancient Egypt with Professor Archie Ology. A wonderful and delightful take of World History from a whimsical character, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Loaded with facts for learning yet playful in presentation.

What Every Fat Girl Wants
Self Help / March 21, 2011

Have you ever wondered what motivates a fat girl to stay positive in a “pro skinny girl society”? My book “What Every Fat Girl Wants “will answer those questions once and for all. You will laugh and you might cry but you will hear the truth from a fat girl’s perspective.

Open Heaven Open Home
Study/Devotional / March 10, 2011

Open Heaven, Open Home is an admonition to invite the power of God into our lives, and into our homes, providing not only encounters with God, but encounters with one another that reproduce God’s life and power in a new generation. When we are real and not religious, people will find relief from the bondage of rules and regulations and open their hearts to the Lord and to one another. Open your heart to Heaven and your home to people and watch what God will do!