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New Children’s Book Release

Volume 1 - Old Testament and Ancient Egypt with Professor Archie Ology

"David Manley has done for History what Dr. Seuss has done for Reading. Using whimsical sing-song fun, his verses skip rope through time as we read them into our memories!"

David Manley, 40, is a homeschooling father and secondary language arts teacher living in rural Idaho. His passion for artistic expression and for teaching all subjects from a Biblical perspective is what has prompted this work.

"As a former elementary school teacher and current homeschooling parent, I can say with confidence that World History in Verse by David Manley is fantastic. From the way it is written to the illustrations on every page, teachers and students alike will be drawn into a realm of learning which far surpases the average textbook. My students ask to read this, their "history" book, during our recreation time simply because it is so much fun."

-Marleen Knight


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