Flight Of The Damselfly-My Journey to Freedom From Domestic Violence

May 1, 2012

In a disturbing dream, I found myself in a dark room with my ex-husband and felt the old familiar pangs of fear grip my soul. As a bright light shined in the distance, I ran toward it, only to become entrapped by a huge spider web strung within the doorway. Incredibly thick and strong, like a giant black widow’s web, the more I struggled, the more entangled I became. As I finally leapt away to freedom, pervasive evil still filled the room, but my deepest fear was that I’d go right back inside. I awoke feeling fearful and exhausted. Fearful and exhausted, that was the story of my life for the twelve years of my first marriage. Dreams sometimes reflect the deep fears and wounds of our past in this case, a nightmare was the fuel I needed to revisit some old places, and the, in the mysterious way that only God understands, step over into greater freedom.

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