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Archive for August 2012

New Release

The Nature of His Love

by Jason Tax

   Get ready for an adventurous journey into the mysteries and secrets of the nature of God’s love! After having an extremely life-transforming encounter with the Father heart of God, Jason began to receive revelation by the Spirit of God, and through the Scriptures, that ALL of God’s attributes are actually found inside of His Love! Which means that everything that God is, is LOVE!!
Now this may not seem like a big deal at first, but if you so dare to read this book, you will quickly see what a great difference it makes in the understanding of God’s nature when we see every attribute of God as a part of His love. During this incredible journey of love we will also be going over other major revelations like:
    All things were created from, through, in, and for love.
    What it means that we are sons & daughters of His love.
    How God has given us the inheritance of all things in His love.
    How to discover the many attributes of God’s nature for yourself.
    How to encounter God’s love for you every day, and in various ways.
    And so much more!
This book is not just a teaching book on the love of God, but is packed with life-transforming revelation, encounters, and even activations, to help empower the reader in their own journey of discovering the supreme nature of God’s love!
Jason Tax is a son of God who’s life calling, passion, and love is to be fully one with God and help others do the same. His greatest desire is that all people would know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, through personally experiencing the love of God for themselves. Jason loves to teach and equip people into an eternal lifestyle of encountering God’s love through oneness with Him. Jason also loves to train, equip, and activate people in healing, prophecy, and much more.