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Archive for November 2012

New Release

Life After Integration is a view of what happens when a person has been integrated after a life of being shattered or broken into pieces. The book is not the process of integration, but what to expect following the process of becoming whole.  Life After Integration is an encouraging  view of what can be an amazing journey of discovering who this healed person is, what life can hold, and developing a healthy relationship with the God head.

Life After Integration discusses all the different areas of an integrated person’s life not only from the moment of integration, but what to expect for oneself and the life that is inherited. There is also discussion of family, friends, and church family reactions to this new healed individual and developing healthy relationships.

Included in this book are practical examples of life from an integrated person’s viewpoint.

Teresa Liebscher is the founder and leader of the Shabar Ministry. She is also the co-leader of the Bethel Sozo Ministry. The Bethel Sozo ministry was birthed in 1997 and the Shabar ministry in 2006.

Teresa travels the world training, mentoring and ministering in both the Shabar ministry and Bethel Sozo ministry. Her passion in all areas of her ministering life is to not only connect individuals with each member of the Godhead, but also to make sure that connection is healthy.