The Dog Who Visited Heaven

September 1, 2014

Every year, thousands of unwanted animals are neglected and abused. Many eventually end up in shelters where they are put to sleep. This story is based on actual facts about Shasta, the Great Pyrenees that we rescued. We know he was born on the western slopes of the Sierra’s in a farm that some would call a puppy mill. We know he was in terrible shape when he was surrendered. The Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue spent about 1,500 to have him treated. He had a lung infection, ear infections, and fox-tails buried in the skin between his toes that had to be surgically removed. He had never had any shots at eighteen months of age. He was losing his hair from poor nutrition. As we were looking through rescue organizations to adopt a dog and through our search, we found the Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club and Shasta. He has been a tremendous blessing in our lives, and he has been trained as a medical assistance dog for my husband who is disabled. He is also a registered therapy dog and visits in hospitals and nursing homes I hope this story touches your heart, and if you are planning to adopt an animal, you will try the many rescue organizations that are available first. These animals deserve a second chance to become a loved and valuable part of our lives and families. All the events in Shasta’s story are true. His visit to Heaven is what I envision Heaven to be based on the love and compassionate heart of our amazing God. Shasta’s story is full of love and hope, of pain and promise. As you read it, I pray you discover the reality of Heaven here on earth and in the world to come.

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