Driving Through Walls – My Supernatural Journey of Hope
Christian Non Fiction / May 1, 2012

For anyone desiring fresh passion for life, for anyone longing to step into their destiny with courage, for anyone daring to hope beyond past experience, for anyone aching to be engulfed by the reality of a good God, for anyone ready to do the impossible, Driving Through Walls will take you there. Come along on a supernatural journey of hope. It is time.

Flight Of The Damselfly-My Journey to Freedom From Domestic Violence
Christian Non Fiction / May 1, 2012

In a disturbing dream, I found myself in a dark room with my ex-husband and felt the old familiar pangs of fear grip my soul. As a bright light shined in the distance, I ran toward it, only to become entrapped by a huge spider web strung within the doorway. Incredibly thick and strong, like a giant black widow’s web, the more I struggled, the more entangled I became. As I finally leapt away to freedom, pervasive evil still filled the room, but my deepest fear was that I’d go right back inside. I awoke feeling fearful and exhausted. Fearful and exhausted, that was the story of my life for the twelve years of my first marriage. Dreams sometimes reflect the deep fears and wounds of our past in this case, a nightmare was the fuel I needed to revisit some old places, and the, in the mysterious way that only God understands, step over into greater freedom.

Panda Wishes
Christian Non Fiction / June 29, 2011

Period Photographs by Teen Becksted. A true story about the first panda to live in the United States of America and the woman who made it happen. Teen Becksted was one of only a few who eve met Ruth Harkness. These are all of his photos in this historical story. In her time she would transform the world of hunting animals for sport, to a new awareness of living creatures alive in zoos. Inside this story you will learn a little about Pandas and their habitat as it was for a little panda called Su Lin, and you will also learn what it was like to be Su Lin when pandas had never been seen before. We welcome you to enjoy these precious images, and remember a time, when loving pandas was all about, The Great American Adventure!

America’s First Martyrs
Christian Non Fiction / September 20, 2010

This book tells the moving story of the martyrdom of over 350 French Huguenots who sailed to our land in 1564, seeking religious freedom. After an initially successful attempt at colonization in northeastern Florida, almost all died for their faith when a Spanish fleet of conquistadors put them to the sword.

Never Forgotten
Christian Non Fiction / July 6, 2010

This book has been ten years in the making. I started it with a few thoughts on paper, and then I put it down for a few years. I finally felt God somehow saying, “Now is the Time.” This has not only been therapeutic to me but it has shown me how far I have come. I have been able to retrace some of my steps for certain victories that have made me who I am today. Things that are vital to a successful walk are also things that I had to learn along the way. This book was originally to be written about the struggles of losing a child and how you can overcome and live again. When going through a horrific situation like this, whether it is through the death of a child, a mother, father, grandparent or any tragedy that you may encounter, you can have peace in any situation. However, I could not tell the story well without telling a little about myself and the struggles I overcame to get to where I am today. So it turned into an autobiography, of sorts. We never know what the future will hold for us. We take it…

Third Day Sons 2nd Edition
Christian Non Fiction / January 16, 2010

Third Day Sons is a collection of prophetic messages for those aspiring to walk the ‘more perfect way’ pass the rudimentary basics of spirituality into Kngdom Principles. The revelations contained within this book are designed as a training tool for those preordained to ‘rule’ in the Kingdom Age. Third Day Sons alludes to the Third Day Resurrection into life and purpose. It is a collection of prophetic symbolism, metaphors and prophetic euphemisms designed to draw one into Sonship and Divine Union now! This book offers steps on how to achieve this.

12 Day Trail Ride Through The Storm
Christian Non Fiction / January 15, 2010

Learn to cowboy up and ride through life with Jesus by your side, this ride does not train you into a mamby pamby tender foot; it trains you up to be giant killers and storm chasers. Recovering, break through, promotion. This book teaches how to ride through the storm and not camp there and how to look for love in the right place…You are not ready to die, until you are ready to live for God.

Lasting Impressions
Christian Non Fiction / December 18, 2009

Lasting Impressions is a hournal of her stroke at age 48 or what she fondly calls her earthquake. At that time, she felt her loss of self worth. She was no longer able to speak, nor read or write…and for a while walk; and finally unable to return to the job she loved as the principals secretary at Andrews School. Through Gods grace, sh was able to rehabilitate to a level which allowed her to travel. She has seen most of the United States, Israel, Europe, Australia, the northern island of New Zealand, Papau New Guinea and Kazakhstan.

Crazy In Love
Christian Non Fiction / August 1, 2009

Are You Ready to Transorm Your relationship with Christ? Did you realize that there is more to your relationship with God than just being His servant or child? Gary Chiles knew that he wanted something more in his Christian walk – he had to have more because he was dying of boredom. This created a hunger that fueled a search for meaning, and he came face to face with a side of God that he never knew existed. In this book, you will discover how to: Avoid spiritual boredom, Change your perception of how God wants to relate to you, Experience joy, peace and rest through a romance with Christ

Establishing Healing Homes
Christian Non Fiction / May 1, 2008

Stewarding the Anointing of John Alexander Dowie is a research project that Pastor Bill Johnson commissioned in January 2008. Pastor Bill Johnson is building a Healing Home on the campus of Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. There are 2 major parts to the research project. The first section defines John Alexander Dowie’s anointing, his testimonies, and his theology. The second section describes the day to day operation of how the Healing Homes were run. The research report will help churches establish healing homes and walk in the fullness of John Alexander Dowie’s anointing. People came to the Healing Homes to get their healing, and people came to be trained in Divine Healing. The research report summarizes the theology of Dowie’s training program. At the Healing Homes Dowie produced people who got healed and stayed healed. He produced delivered deliverers and he trained delivered deliverers. The following document enables the churches to build Healing Homes and to apprehend John Alexander Dowie’s mantle of revelation and power. The report also contains recommendations for building a Healing Home at your church or in your community.