When I Cried Out
Christian Non Fiction / April 16, 2008

In 1988, I was given my heart’s desire, a daughter to call my own. Just when she started developing her unique personality, CaSondra’s life was robbed by a rare disease. Now my only daughter was dead. Did God give just to take away? By permitting others into our life, our family became better equipped to handle the difficulties that came our way.

Angels & Demons Hollywood Knows the Difference
Christian Non Fiction / September 1, 2007

The Bible talks about Satan, the devil, ignoring him will not make him go away, but allows him more deception in his evil work! This book is not a handbook on “deliverance” but a truthful way to see with the understanding that Jesus died and was resurrected to give us authority over evil spirits and break the assignments that have been put on us!