The Dog Who Visited Heaven
Fiction / September 1, 2014

Every year, thousands of unwanted animals are neglected and abused. Many eventually end up in shelters where they are put to sleep. This story is based on actual facts about Shasta, the Great Pyrenees that we rescued. We know he was born on the western slopes of the Sierra’s in a farm that some would call a puppy mill. We know he was in terrible shape when he was surrendered. The Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue spent about 1,500 to have him treated. He had a lung infection, ear infections, and fox-tails buried in the skin between his toes that had to be surgically removed. He had never had any shots at eighteen months of age. He was losing his hair from poor nutrition. As we were looking through rescue organizations to adopt a dog and through our search, we found the Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club and Shasta. He has been a tremendous blessing in our lives, and he has been trained as a medical assistance dog for my husband who is disabled. He is also a registered therapy dog and visits in hospitals and nursing homes I hope this story touches your heart, and if you are planning…

From Benicia With Love (Poety, that is….)
Fiction / June 1, 2013

This book is dedicated to the first official Poet Laureate for the City of Benecia California, Joel Fallon. Joel served from 2004 to 2008 during which he began the First Tuesday Poetry Group that meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Benecia City Library. Joel is usually in attendance to meet local poet friends and to read with them over the evening’s open mike.` Poems included herein were entries to the Love Poetry Contest of 2013 conducted by the Benecia First Tuesday Poetry Group. Many poems are presented as submitted to the contest while others were accepted after minor edits to format and content made in consultation with and agreement of the authors.

Five Real Friends
Fiction / July 1, 2010

What stands out in Five Real Friends is the total commitment four kids have to each other, their innocence, their caring hearts, and their willingness to risk everything in order to really help each other find the full joy of living. In spite of human failure, the four friends love their parents and their parents love them too. That’s what God absolutely intends for every home. Chapter after chapter of real life happenings with the four friends, some hilarious, some that will tug at your heart, keep occurring until. But I don’t want to spoil it for you. Just trust me that you’ve never read final chapters like these before in any teen geared book. As Bo Branders quotes in his great message to these kids, Nothing is impossible with God.

Stories From Brooklyn, With Love
Fiction / January 15, 2010

Tales Reminiscent of O. Henry & Daymon Ruyon. FAMILY CHRISTMAS ABOUT LOVE SCHOOL DAZE COMING OF AGE ITALIAN GODFATHERS A varity of short stories. The best thing about writing short stories is that is that I get to take you, the reader, on a wonderful, magical ride into outer space or the inner domain of the human heart. It is my wish that your wits enhance my written words with your own joys, and visions. And that is what I try to accomplish by sharing with you my simple tales – so you can better carry yourself forward in your own travels. Enjoy the thoughts from a Brooklyn boy, who wishes to bring some entertainment into your life, with all his love…

The Chosen Bride
Fiction / April 2, 2009

Lost these twenty years since the ambush, his future bride, one of twin sisters, was still out there; he knew it. The time to find them both was now; he felt it. With the battles behind them, the day to begin searching had finally dawned! Lose yourself in this mystical medieval quest. Rediscover all the intoxicating romance of fall in in love for the very first time.