Streams of Manna
Poetry / December 19, 2011

This book is a compilation of poems, songs, and thoughts God has given to me as I have spent time in His presence praying for so many individuals as we journey through the challenges of life. So often, God wakes me in the first watch of the night with thoughts that my mind could not grasp in the midst of busy days. So much of the music came as a result of times of fasting and prayer for loved ones who were faced with overwhelming struggles and challenges. I love to watch people and the way they interact. The poetry and Reflections on Life have been written in journals, scraps of paper, and even thoughts I shared on facebook over the years as God revealed himself in various situations. My immediate family tends to be adrenaline junkies, and our recreational activities include snowmobiling, dirt bike riding, showboarding, kayaking, and more. These frequently became points for inspiration as I overcame my nature to want to play it safe and learned to take those steps of faith which have allowed me to grow in my personal and spiritual relationships. God is present in all areas of our lives, and many of these…

Heart of the Bride
Poetry / July 1, 2008

Have you every wondered just how much the Lord loves you? God desires to fill you with His all consuming fiery love and passion. He longs to heal your heart, transform you mind, and give you wings to soar. He yearns to be with you, and is waiting for the day when you awaken to His love. In your hands you hold a collection of poetry and reflections from the Father’s Heart to yours. The arts are being restored to the church and poetry is one form the Lord is using to reach the hearts of His children. Wherever you are on your journey, there are timless truths and fresh revelation to be discovered. Whether male or female, open up and begin the process to becoming the Bride of Christ. Get ready to be drawn into His presence transformed into His likeness, and freed to BE who He created you to be.