Atmospheres 101
Study/Devotional / October 10, 2013

The idea behind this book is to help you learn which issues you will face internally and which ones you will treat as broadcasts of the enemy. The exercises included are aimed at training your senses to discern what is good and what is evil. My hope is that today you start learning how to stand in authority over both our own soul (what goes on internally) and the schemes of the enemy (what goes on externally). This is not a complete work of my understanding of atmospheres and spiral discernment. This is just a peek into the heart of my own personal journey. I hope you find it as simple and as powerful as I have.

Revelation Handbook To The Future
Study/Devotional / January 16, 2012

A complete guide to all end-time study. Easy Chapter by Chapter review plus 12 exposition for 12 charts. With this handbook you can more easily understand the whole Bible …and see all of Church history prophesied from its beginning. Amazing Old Testament prophecies for today. Finally, a book is here that has a variety of end-time, prophetic topics which can simply not be found in any other book on this subject. A large, yet very easy to read, most complete HANDBOOK for clearly understanding Revelation and all end-time Bible prophecy; it is carefully geared for seven progressive levels of study, from new beginners to advanced. Besides a basic and quick, chapter by chapter review of Revelation, many subtitles and the expositions for each of twelve diagrams include every current topic that every Christian needs to understand… for building Christian faith and for sharing with others. This handbook is a veritable storehouse of references, revealing facts and insightful definitions; the list includes…Millennial Studies, New Jerusalem (Heaven), End-time signs, Rapture, Tribulation, Antichrist and the False Prophet, Illuminati, Nuclear War, 666, Demonology and Angelology, Armageddon, Current and predicted, hot topic, social issues, Eastern religions, World politics and the economic crisis (USA, EU, Russia…

Revelation For Such A Time As This
Study/Devotional / December 16, 2011

Pastor David Honey has written Revelation, For Such A time as This to purposefully help folks better understand the great story of Revelation. Written over nineteen centuries ago, but written with our generation in mind. Although it originates in our ancient past, most of this story still remains in our not too distant future. Conceived in the mind of God before the foundations of the world, this incredible story is told a short time after Jesus Christ visited our world and turned it upside down. Revelation, For Such a Time as This was written for the congregation as much as for the pastor. It is intended to clear up the confusion and fear of the book of Revelation as well as to teach every believer the basic application of Bible prophecy to our day to day walk with Christ. Journey with Pastor David through the book of Revelation and discover truth as never before. Explore great mysteries of God’s plan as the ancient past, present and near future collide together as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy launches us into eternity and the completion of God’s plan of the ages.

Open Heaven Open Home
Study/Devotional / March 10, 2011

Open Heaven, Open Home is an admonition to invite the power of God into our lives, and into our homes, providing not only encounters with God, but encounters with one another that reproduce God’s life and power in a new generation. When we are real and not religious, people will find relief from the bondage of rules and regulations and open their hearts to the Lord and to one another. Open your heart to Heaven and your home to people and watch what God will do!

Whispers of His Word
Study/Devotional / May 25, 2010

Whispers of His Word invites you to enter in to the heart of God and encounter Him every day. His name is the Word of God and He is a compassionate Shepherd longing for His sheep to hear His voice and follow Him. Take three minutes a day to listen to the voice of Good using a Scripture.

Women In Ministry
Study/Devotional / April 2, 2010

Women in Ministry is a book that describes the authority women have in ministry and their roles in leadership, breaking down erroneously misinterpreted Biblical teachings and perpetuated falsehoods of the purpose and duties of qualified women who has answered the call into ministry.