Earl Johnson is the founding father of Bethel Church and Bethel’s Tribe of Revivalists. He was a man who had paid a price to walk in true kingdom authority. As a result of the cost he paid, we became a people of enormous strength. The source of this strength is clear. Earl Johnson was a man who had learned to love God and walk with Him. He understood how to restore the years that were stolen. Earl Johnson also learned to govern a tribe o...

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A Storybook for Children Who Change History. A Princess Starts Her Day highlights the patterns and practices of Princess Kalina at the beginning of her day. With this book, you can learn how to act with expectancy and purpose to step into your dreams. It also shows the importance of starting your day well by preparing your heart for the victories the Lord will give you today. You will see the things that prophets and kings dreamed to see with ...

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An inspiring children’s story about the importance of friendship and learning to appreciate who you are.

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An inspiring story about a young boy struggling with the end of summer and learning the importance of forgiveness and friendship and appreciation for the change of the seasons.

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This is a heart wrenching story of an intelligent beautiful woman who was trapped in a stronghold of poor choices regarding the men in her life.

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The story reveals what binds men together in war and why they don’t talk about it. Not today is based on true events from a Vietnam War Veteran. A VFW Chaplin gave the original version of this book to several Vietnam War Vets. They only read a few chapters and had to quit. They said the story was too real for them, but they gave it to their families and told them that they had to quit. They said the story was too real for them, but they ...

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Every year, thousands of unwanted animals are neglected and abused. Many eventually end up in shelters where they are put to sleep. This story is based on actual facts about Shasta, the Great Pyrenees that we rescued. We know he was born on the western slopes of the Sierra’s in a farm that some would call a puppy mill. We know he was in terrible shape when he was surrendered. The Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue spent about 1,500 to ...

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The idea behind this book is to help you learn which issues you will face internally and which ones you will treat as broadcasts of the enemy. The exercises included are aimed at training your senses to discern what is good and what is evil. My hope is that today you start learning how to stand in authority over both our own soul (what goes on internally) and the schemes of the enemy (what goes on externally). This is not a complete work of my...

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A Textual and Topical Study Guide for St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

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This book is dedicated to the first official Poet Laureate for the City of Benecia California, Joel Fallon. Joel served from 2004 to 2008 during which he began the First Tuesday Poetry Group that meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Benecia City Library. Joel is usually in attendance to meet local poet friends and to read with them over the evening’s open mike.` Poems included herein were entries to the Love Poetry Contest of ...

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Butterfly Wings
Children's Books / January 3, 2013

In our world today, there is much destruction and devastation. As adults, it’s difficult enough to deal with grief and loss. But, how do we even begin to explain the subsequent emotions to a child? What are they thinking? How do they feel? Can they even express themselves? This little story of faith, hope and love can potentially capture the heart of your child and bring them to a place of peace and comfort. It may even help th...

Life After Integration
Self Help / November 1, 2012

Life After Integration is a view of what happens when a person has been integrated after a life of being shattered or broken into pieces. The book is not the process of integration, but what to expect following the process of becoming whole. Life After Integration is an encouraging view of what can be an amazing journey of discovering who this healed person is, what life can hold, and developing a healthy relationship with the Godhea...

Flight Of The Damselfly-My Journey to Freedom From Domestic Violence
Christian Non Fiction / May 1, 2012

In a disturbing dream, I found myself in a dark room with my ex-husband and felt the old familiar pangs of fear grip my soul. As a bright light shined in the distance, I ran toward it, only to become entrapped by a huge spider web strung within the doorway. Incredibly thick and strong, like a giant black widow’s web, the more I struggled, the more entangled I became. As I finally leapt away to freedom, pervasive evil still fill...

Driving Through Walls – My Supernatural Journey of Hope
Christian Non Fiction / May 1, 2012

For anyone desiring fresh passion for life, for anyone longing to step into their destiny with courage, for anyone daring to hope beyond past experience, for anyone aching to be engulfed by the reality of a good God, for anyone ready to do the impossible, Driving Through Walls will take you there. Come along on a supernatural journey of hope. It is time.

Revelation Handbook To The Future
Study/Devotional / January 16, 2012

A complete guide to all end-time study. Easy Chapter by Chapter review plus 12 exposition for 12 charts. With this handbook you can more easily understand the whole Bible …and see all of Church history prophesied from its beginning. Amazing Old Testament prophecies for today. Finally, a book is here that has a variety of end-time, prophetic topics which can simply not be found in any other book on this subject. A large, yet ver...

Streams of Manna
Poetry / December 19, 2011

This book is a compilation of poems, songs, and thoughts God has given to me as I have spent time in His presence praying for so many individuals as we journey through the challenges of life. So often, God wakes me in the first watch of the night with thoughts that my mind could not grasp in the midst of busy days. So much of the music came as a result of times of fasting and prayer for loved ones who were faced with overwhelming str...

Revelation For Such A Time As This
Study/Devotional / December 16, 2011

Pastor David Honey has written Revelation, For Such A time as This to purposefully help folks better understand the great story of Revelation. Written over nineteen centuries ago, but written with our generation in mind. Although it originates in our ancient past, most of this story still remains in our not too distant future. Conceived in the mind of God before the foundations of the world, this incredible story is told a short time...

Financial Sozo
Financial Responsibility / November 16, 2011

Financial Sozo is a tool designed for leaders and Sozo ministers who want to delve deeper into the important area of financial deliverance. Building on the work of the Sozo ministry, Stephen DeSilva explains what is going on behind the scenes in his popular blass Prosperous Soul Foundations. Learn about Stephen’s four-step process of a vinancial Sozo, discover the three spheres of poverty, and access the secrets of today’...