Earl Johnson is the founding father of Bethel Church and Bethel’s Tribe of Revivalists. He was a man who had paid a price to walk in true kingdom authority. As a result of the cost he paid, we became a people of enormous strength. The source of this strength is clear. Earl Johnson was a man who had learned to love God and walk with Him. He understood how to restore the years that were stolen. Earl Johnson also learned to govern a tribe o...

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A Storybook for Children Who Change History. A Princess Starts Her Day highlights the patterns and practices of Princess Kalina at the beginning of her day. With this book, you can learn how to act with expectancy and purpose to step into your dreams. It also shows the importance of starting your day well by preparing your heart for the victories the Lord will give you today. You will see the things that prophets and kings dreamed to see with ...

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An inspiring children’s story about the importance of friendship and learning to appreciate who you are.

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An inspiring story about a young boy struggling with the end of summer and learning the importance of forgiveness and friendship and appreciation for the change of the seasons.

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This is a heart wrenching story of an intelligent beautiful woman who was trapped in a stronghold of poor choices regarding the men in her life.

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The story reveals what binds men together in war and why they don’t talk about it. Not today is based on true events from a Vietnam War Veteran. A VFW Chaplin gave the original version of this book to several Vietnam War Vets. They only read a few chapters and had to quit. They said the story was too real for them, but they gave it to their families and told them that they had to quit. They said the story was too real for them, but they ...

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Every year, thousands of unwanted animals are neglected and abused. Many eventually end up in shelters where they are put to sleep. This story is based on actual facts about Shasta, the Great Pyrenees that we rescued. We know he was born on the western slopes of the Sierra’s in a farm that some would call a puppy mill. We know he was in terrible shape when he was surrendered. The Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue spent about 1,500 to ...

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The idea behind this book is to help you learn which issues you will face internally and which ones you will treat as broadcasts of the enemy. The exercises included are aimed at training your senses to discern what is good and what is evil. My hope is that today you start learning how to stand in authority over both our own soul (what goes on internally) and the schemes of the enemy (what goes on externally). This is not a complete work of my...

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A Textual and Topical Study Guide for St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

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This book is dedicated to the first official Poet Laureate for the City of Benecia California, Joel Fallon. Joel served from 2004 to 2008 during which he began the First Tuesday Poetry Group that meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Benecia City Library. Joel is usually in attendance to meet local poet friends and to read with them over the evening’s open mike.` Poems included herein were entries to the Love Poetry Contest of ...

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12 Day Trail Ride Through The Storm
Christian Non Fiction / January 15, 2010

Learn to cowboy up and ride through life with Jesus by your side, this ride does not train you into a mamby pamby tender foot; it trains you up to be giant killers and storm chasers. Recovering, break through, promotion. This book teaches how to ride through the storm and not camp there and how to look for love in the right place…You are not ready to die, until you are ready to live for God.

Lasting Impressions
Christian Non Fiction / December 18, 2009

Lasting Impressions is a hournal of her stroke at age 48 or what she fondly calls her earthquake. At that time, she felt her loss of self worth. She was no longer able to speak, nor read or write…and for a while walk; and finally unable to return to the job she loved as the principals secretary at Andrews School. Through Gods grace, sh was able to rehabilitate to a level which allowed her to travel. She has seen most of the Uni...

Crazy In Love
Christian Non Fiction / August 1, 2009

Are You Ready to Transorm Your relationship with Christ? Did you realize that there is more to your relationship with God than just being His servant or child? Gary Chiles knew that he wanted something more in his Christian walk – he had to have more because he was dying of boredom. This created a hunger that fueled a search for meaning, and he came face to face with a side of God that he never knew existed. In this book, you w...

The Toss Revised – A New Offensive Attack for High-Scoring Football
Sports / July 29, 2009

For all new and experienced football coaches, here is an intriguing new offensive attack that produces high-scoring wins and has already broken records in California, Texas, and other states where it’s been implemented. Better still, this original ball control offense doesn’t require outstanding personnel at each position to work effectively and has a simple core of just four plays. And it’s blueprinted for you in i...

The Journey Home
Self Help / June 10, 2009

The Journey Home is a brief guide to self growth. It is based on conversations with my students (fellow travelers) and will assist you in your own journey from who you are today to the person you wouldlike to be tomorrow.

The Chosen Bride
Fiction / April 2, 2009

Lost these twenty years since the ambush, his future bride, one of twin sisters, was still out there; he knew it. The time to find them both was now; he felt it. With the battles behind them, the day to begin searching had finally dawned! Lose yourself in this mystical medieval quest. Rediscover all the intoxicating romance of fall in in love for the very first time.

Heart of the Bride
Poetry / July 1, 2008

Have you every wondered just how much the Lord loves you? God desires to fill you with His all consuming fiery love and passion. He longs to heal your heart, transform you mind, and give you wings to soar. He yearns to be with you, and is waiting for the day when you awaken to His love. In your hands you hold a collection of poetry and reflections from the Father’s Heart to yours. The arts are being restored to the church and p...

Establishing Healing Homes
Christian Non Fiction / May 1, 2008

Stewarding the Anointing of John Alexander Dowie is a research project that Pastor Bill Johnson commissioned in January 2008. Pastor Bill Johnson is building a Healing Home on the campus of Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. There are 2 major parts to the research project. The first section defines John Alexander Dowie’s anointing, his testimonies, and his theology. The second section describes the day to day operation of how the He...