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Lasting Impressions by Darlene Keppler

This is Darlene Nicholas Keppler's first book
though her poetry and articles have been featured
in Christian magazines and city newspapers.

Lasting Impressions is a journal of her stroke at age 48 or what she
fondly calls her "earthquake". At that time, she felt her loss of self
worth. She was no longer able to speak, nor read or write... and for
a while walk; and finally unable to return to the job she loved as the
principal's secretary at Andrews School. through God's grace, she
was able to rehabilitate to a level which allowed her to travel. She has
seen most of the United States, Israel, Europe, Australia, the
northern island of New Zealand, Papau New Guinea and
Her love for family...children, grandchildren, and now eleven great
grandchildren... prompted Lasting Impressions as a legacy. But, in
doing so, she also hopes this story will teach others there can be
hope after a stroke and that it will encourage one to know the Lord
Jesus with all their heart. She realizes God's Plan for her was beyond
anything she could have imagined.
Lasting Impressions


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