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The Wineskin of Thought by Anne Kalvestrand

About the Author:

In 1996 Anne Kalvestrand was touched by the revival fire in Redding, CA and Toronto, Canada. Anne desires to see this Revival spread and Jesus get his reward in the nations. Anne Kalvestrand has served in 23 countries over the past 15 years. She began her work in China where she planted churches at university campuses. For 10 years Anne focused on spreading revival in China, Japan, Mongolia and Hong Kong. In 2005, Anne began to focus on the Middle East and has served the Lord in Bahrain and Israel.

In 1999 Anne began to create resources for others to spread this revival. Her first work, The Treasury, is a record of how to give Bethel's DNA to the nations. Her second work is The Wineskin of Thought. Creating Wealth and Destroying the Spirit of Poverty. This manual builds in protection and prosperity for this revival. Anne has also produced 3 DVD's on equipping children as revivalists.

Anne Kalvestrand was mentored by Bill Johnson, who is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Church. She is released to spread revival with the mantle of Bethel Church. Anne trains revivalists, and is the publisher of the Joseph Report, which contains prayer strategies for Israel. Anne holds a Master's Degree in Education from Simpson University.


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