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Five Real Friends

What stands out in Five Real Friends is the total commitment four kids have to each other, their innocence, their caring hearts, and their willingness to risk everything.

Only Tracey Dare, the girl in this story is a Christian. She lives with her single mom. Three boys Goober Boober, Alfonso Guiterrez, Goober's best friend, and Willie Radner (a baseball player who even at his young age has ESPN interested in his strike out record), are all in the eighth grade at Thomas Edison Middle School. They really like Tracey as a friend, but they are totally turned off whenever she tries to witness to them about God. All that finally changes when...!

Whether Goober is facing bullies, or Tracey is facing her mother's racial prejudice, or Willis is facing the divorce of his parents and the remarriage of his mom, these kids are going through the kinds of deep problems multitudes of kids are facing today. And these four friends handle each problem together, yet they care about everyone else around them too. Any reader, young or old, will joyfully learn by reading this book what the term "best friends' really means.

Chapter after chapter of real life happenings with the four friends, some hilarious, some that will tug at your heart, keep occurring until...! But I don't want to spoil it for you. Just trust me thatyour've never read final chapters like thse before in any ten geared book. As Bo Branders quotes in his great message to these kids Luke 1:37- "Nothing is impossible with God."


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