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God Bless America – Dorene Terryberry

22x40 inch Poster
Print of Original Artwork
Dorene Terryberry

The week of 9-11, Dorene painted "God Bless America" as a culmination of what she had begun a year earlier. She had designed a flag with our states' stars circling as in our original flag. That flag was to be the mock up for an oil painting with flag waving to cause the circle to resemble a heart, which seemed to say "God loves America".

When she painted this one to music the Sunday following 9-11, she was surprised herself to see the eagle's eye as the Lord's stripes mingled with the fruited plain, and fields of grain and purple mountain's majesty with the eagle flying above the storm. The shine of God's compassion on the crowned eye then had a tear which flowed from sea to shining sea.



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